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10 Motivational Tips to Keep Your Spa Employees Performing

As a spa owner it is a great achievement to establish a team of self motivated employees that are excited and performing at their full potential.

When people are treated well they naturally perform better, provide better service, and make part of an excellent team.

These are 10 motivational tips for you to instill to create a smooth running spa business and generate income from the get-go.

1. Use positive reinforcement and praise daily. Give it often. Focus on a specific individual or team; this is much more powerful than making statements to the whole team. Make sure the employee knows why his behavior is important to you and the company. Acknowledge small achievements, do not wait until big achievements, by then it's too late! Even though recognition seems like common sense, it is not done sufficiently enough. You may have to remind yourself, but it's a great practice to get into, as you will get back what you reward in your employees.

2. Use 'open book' management. Open book management is a practice that This creates a work space where employees are aware of the spa's goals, short and long term financial plans and progress towards those goals. This is beneficial in creating happy employees because they will be aware of the direction the company is moving in and will create a sense of security.

3. Make the work environment fun . Provide a friendly working environment with a great team spirit. Hire people with commitment that want to be there and make the spa a better place with their performance. Your customers can sense this, and in turn becomes part of their experience in your spa.

4. Define Job Responsibility Employees like to know what they are responsible for when they are at work. This will avoid any mis-communication and unnecessary anxiety and confusion on their part. Create specific job descriptions. Have the flexibility to alter these to fit your employees. It is good to have standards in place, however it is best to be flexible and not too rigid.

Also, define salies, and what is expected of them as an employee. What this means is if you have created expectations for your employees to acquire additional bonuses based on their performance that they are fully aware of what is entitled of them in order to achieve these.

5. Reward and provide incentives . Have a 'monthly star' for the employee with the most product sales. This is a great way to encourage selling, and performance. It should be friendly and healthy competition amongst co-workers. Reward employees with things like an extra day off, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or to do a favorite activity (a yoga class, rock climbing etc.) Have monthly staff gatherings. This will encourage outside the workplace interactions, where employees get to connect with one another in a different setting.

6. Goal Setting . Sit and set yearly goals with each employee. This is an excellent way to keep your employees moving forward towards what they would like to achieve in their lives. Include career, health, financial, and personal goals. Post these in an open area where everyone can see each employee's goals. This is an excellent way for employees to motivation one another. Revisit these regularly and celebrate the small milestones.

7. Invest in Your Employees . You will never regret this. Employees want to feel appreciated and valued. Investing your time and energy into training is important, however once this step is covered, it is imperative to continue ongoing investment in your employees. Enroll employees in courses to keep them updated and educated on specific treatments, customer service, and most importantly make these events fun so that your employees will enjoy participating! Technical training and education have great benefits.

Institute a tuition reimbursement program to encourage growth. Offer trips to retreats as an employee perk and also for educational purposes. The employee will come back to work with a fresh outlook and feel a new sense of purpose which will shine through on their performance. If the team is performing, why not create a weekend get away to show them your appreciation? As well as continuing education, include benefits such as vacation days, medical and dental plans, and sick days.

8. Provide an Open Forum Environment . An open forum allows employees to share ideas and when implementing ideas can pay huge dividends. Your employees will get to know your clients the best. They work hands on with them everyday. It is crucial for you to pay close attention to the information that your employees are providing you with and be able to provide what your customer wants because you will have a good understanding of your customers.

9. Long Term Employees . Hold them to the same standards as new employees. Retaining an employee at all costs is not a wise decision. You create an inconsistent approach to how your treat employees and they will see this and cause internal friction within the team. If changes are about to occur, everyone should be expected to implement these in the work environment. You may have to deliver it differently to each individual, according to their behavioral styles, however when you create this expectation everyone will feel valued and be a part of the change.

10. Growth and Opportunity Promote from within whenever possible, or at least interview your existing employees for potential new positions. Some employees are more interested in job title recognition than in a pay increase. Learn about each individual and the career interest that motivates them and then support them. Sometimes, even citing the exceptional service performance of an individual is enough to satisfy the need for personal growth. Getting to know your employees and their path to personal and professional growth will be an exceptional way for you to tap into how best you can support and motivate them.

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