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Dr Lewinns – A Brand Synonymous With High Quality Nail Care

Dr. Lewinns range of skincare and nail products are synonymous with high quality. That stems from the belief of the brand that they should make products which suit the life style of all individuals and not just focus on just the skin types. They were quick to realize that it is always the combination of the right lifestyle habits with appropriate selection of skin and nail care products that will confer the kind of skin desired by the individual.

Dr. Lewinns is one brand that has developed a range of products for men as well and these have been specifically designed to ensure that they are compatible to male skin. They are wonderful products aimed at reducing aging signs, skin irritation and any dryness that some men often face during specific weather conditions. These products are geared for high performance and have absolutely no side effects.

But it is their range of nail care products for women that we are more interested in as they have a whole array of benefits as under:

· They help restore healthy nail growth, especially those that have gotten damaged during nail extensions

· They totally get rid of any peeling, chipping or flaking due to their unique formulation

· The nails acquire strength and a healthy look

· They are fortified with the right concentrations of calcium and other vitamins

· You can use them both as a base coat as well as a top coat

· The packaging is a convenient double sized 30ml bottle type

So what is the one Dr. Lewinns nail care product that consumers are most happy about?

The Revitanail strengther is one product that has attracted rave reviews from consumers who have used it. People who have had to suffer the problem of flaking and brittle nails have found great solace in this product.

Applying just two coats of this product on clean nails and repeating one coat for the next 5 days has given many people relief from weak nails. The nail polish needs to be removed on the 7th day and the entire process has to be repeated 3 times to get the best results. You can so see visible improvements in your nail condition within 25 days. Complements this product with the Revitanail oil that has been specially formulated to provide the required nourishment and you will notice that your nails are much tougher than before.

This is a product that has been a hit in Australia and people who have used it during their stay in Australia are finding it quite difficult to adjust to other similar products found elsewhere. Such is the efficiency of the product and the consumer loyalty it enjoys.

Dr. Lewinns as a brand has been able to remain at the top for such a long time mainly because of their emphasis on high quality products that have been formulated after years of research and customer feedback. Their products are not tested on animals and are environmentally well safe as well.

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Home Foot Care – How a Toe Straightener Can Help With Overlapping Toes

A toe straightener can help with overlapping toes, hammertoes and mallet toes. When combined with better fitting shoes, it can also help with bunions. Here's a look at how the straighteners work.

The underlying causes of the problems are tight tendons. The toes may have been pushed into unnatural positions after years of wearing tight, narrow shoes. Regularly stretching the toes is not even something that most athletes take the time to do. Basically, we ignore our feet, until there's a problem.

Before you invest in straighteners, take a look at your shoes. If there is not enough room for you to wiggle your toes, if you feel pressure on the lower joint of the big toe or the outside of the pinky toe, then your shoes are too tight. You need a change.

Luckily, there are some shoe manufacturers that realize the importance of wearing certain shoes, with wide, deep toe boxes, but they also recognize that people like to be fashionable. So, today's toe-friendly shoes are more stylish than the old orthopedic shoes. They come in fashionable colors and assorted materials, too.

Once you have your new shoes, you can begin to use a toe straightener on a regular basis. The devices work by gradually stretching the tendons. They apply just enough pressure to accomplish your goal over time.

Straighteners are not usually recommended for people with diabetes, unless they are being used under a podiatrist's supervision. Because of reduced sensation and circulation to the toes, a person with diabetes may not be able to tell if there is too much pressure or even if their shoes are too tight.

For people that are generally good health, a toe straightener can be used to straighten one two or three toes, according to a person's needs. A soft pad fits benefit the foot. The tops of the toes and sides of the toes are protected with foam pads. So, there is immediate relief from any pain caused by a mallet or hammertoe and the separation requires additional rubbing between the toes.

Depending on the severity of the condition, a toe straightener could help normalize the tendon length and reverse the joint changes. For more severe conditions that do not respond to this kind of treatment, in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease for example, there are other options.

When the deformities are severe, as they can be in diabetics and people with Charcot foot, a custom fit orthotic allows for walking in comfort. Shoes made of soft materials further increase comfort and allow people with bad feet to get some essential exercise.

It is important for everyone to pay close attention to the health of their feet. Bad feet can lead to bad knees, hips and a bad back. Sub-consciously, you attempt to relate the pain by changing the way that you walk, which can put the entire lower body out of alignment.

So, a toe straightener might not be the only thing that you need. But, if you do decide that's the right choice for you, do a little comparative shopping. The quality varies very much.

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Discover How to Revive Dead Hair Follicles Naturally

Dead hair follicles sounds like something that cannot be fixed, but in reality dead hair follicles can be revived naturally. There are many products on the market available to the general public in pill or capsule form that are proprietary blends of natural herbs and minerals that are proven to help regrow and stimulate dead hair follicles.

Ingredients such as saw palmetto and magnesium oxide are known to help stimulate growth in the follicular areas, therefore it makes no difference if hair is in the pore or not.

So for bald spots and areas where no hair is currently present, as long as there was hair in the follicular area before, it can be regrown from dead follicles.

Using over the counter supplements for men and women that offer natural ingredients that the hair is known to need for stimulation will help to grow new hair in the place of dead hair follicles.

There is a difference between what a male’s hair needs and a female’s hair needs. Women still need the same amount of vitamin B6, biotin and magnesium oxide, but their hair also needs horsetail silica and para-amino benzoic acid to help grow.

The horsetail silica is known to give a shine and strength back to the hair that is not needed in men’s proprietary blends because of the styling regiments that women put their hair through on a daily basis.

In women, thinning hair is normally seen beginning in the front of the head, where much of the stress and pressure takes place during styling.

On men, dead hair follicles are first seen near the center of the head, where baldness generally begins due to the wearing of hats or the aging process. With the supplements available with all natural ingredients, there is no reason that your bald areas have to stay bald.

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The Cause Of Eyebrow Hair Loss: What Can Be Done?

About four million people a year will find themselves facing eyebrow hair loss. It is common to become quite concerned about this condition after all, it is a very noticeable area which makes it something many are self conscious about. Can you learn how to re-grow eyebrow hair? How do you find a solution to this very embarrassing problem?

Make It Come Back!

The fact is that there are many ways that you can try to get eyebrow hair growth, but it is unlikely that you will find a solution that will work fast or effectively. The problem is that for most people, the cause of eyebrow hair loss is that of an autoimmune disease. The condition is called Alopecia Areata and it can affect the eyebrow hair, the scalp hair or basically any other location on your body that has hair.

Understanding Alopecia

The loss of eyebrow hair is something to be concerned about especially when coupled with other health issues. But, for most, the symptoms just will not be there. The only thing you will notice is a loss of hair. If you have this happen on your scalp, it will likely form a circle the size of a nickel or quarter of baldness. The cause of eyebrow loss, eyelash loss or loss of hair on your scalp is not something to worry about if it is Alopecia Areata, though.

Bacteria Or Hair Follicle?

This condition is one that affects about four million people each year. The cause of this hair loss is actually a case of mistaken identity. Your body's immune system mistakenly thinks that the hair follicle is bacteria and tries to protect the body from it by attacking it. Unfortunately, when this happens, you lose the hair. Scientists are still unsure of why this happens or even why it happens to one person and not to the next.

Fix It!

Eyebrow hair growth is not something that you can turn on and off, even if you want to. If you are experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia or for another medical condition, it will take time for your hair to re-grow and there is little that you can do to make it happen any faster.

The good news is that if you are suffering from Alopecia, the stem cells in your hair follicle are not affected by the white blood cells of your immune system attacking. Therefore, your hair should continue to grow once your new cells have been formed and grows a new hair.

If you are suffering from stress or a deficiency in your diet, this too can lead to eyebrow hair loss. If this is the case, the only way to fix it is to stop what is happening to you by eating a well balanced diet or reducing your stress load. In any case, if you are facing eyebrow hair loss, it's important to keep your doctor in the loop as it can be a sign of something more serious despite in most cases it is nothing but your body fighting itself.

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The Three Schools of Tantric Yoga – Kaula, Mishra, Samaya

The Sanskrit word Tantra means expansion, so the concept behind performing tantric yoga is to expand all levels of consciousness to reach the inner Shakti or Cosmic Being. Tantric yogis attempt to focus on the spiritual energy within to overcome all subconscious confines and boundaries. It aims to arouse and synchronize the opposing factors inside each yogi in order to reach the internal divine life or cosmic force, whether it is on a waking level, sleeping level or in a state of dreaming.

In order to attain these levels, it is important to practice tantra yoga under the supervision of a Guru or Tantric Acharya, as they can help you to learn the proper way of identifying the key factors that influence the feelings and thought process. This in turn allows the yogi to overcome the hurdles such as narrow-mindedness, egocentricity, self centeredness and unawareness that restrain from acquiring harmony and peace. As a result Tantra yoga encourages the yogi to achieve levels of central focus and altruism.

Tantric yoga has three different schools: Kaula, Mishra and Samaya. All three vary in their nature with respect to the practice that is required.

KAULA TANTRA: This tantra teaches control over the lower part of the body, including the lower spine and the reproductive organs. The purpose is to gain control over physical needs of the body and use the force not just for sensual pleasure. For yogis looking to enhance their tantric yoga skills, there are a number of teachers available along with written script that can guide them in honing their skills. Kaula is one of the most popular forms of tantra being widely known in the USA as well. However, it is important to find an instructor who has authentic experience and knowledge about the schools of tantra.

MISHRA TANTRA: The word Mishra means mixed; therefore it is a mixture of internal and external rituals. It is a higher practice than Kaula and involves more advanced practices. The main focus of Mishra is on the heart with devotion towards the feminine principles of the universe. All practices are done in the mind by focusing it towards the inner heart and do not require the use of any external objects.

SAMAYA TANTRA: The word Samaya can be translated into the expression “I am with you”, as it refers to the emancipation of the Shakti. This is the highest form of tantra and opposed to the Kaula and Mishra, Samaya is based on pure yogic practice without the interference of any external rituals. Samaya aims to lead the yogi towards self realization and inner liberation with meditation. The pure meditative state ensures that the energy is channeled upwards to achieve spiritual union at the top of the head.

As tantric is a purely meditative form of yoga that acts as the basis of the entire mental and physical characteristics of the individual, a genuine yoga lover will eventually come across the enlightenment and energy that it seeks to promote. The different schools of tantra provide the yogi to explore their spirituality to its inner most depths.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using an Acne Cleanser

Using an acne cleanser is a simple and beneficial way to treat breakouts, but there are a few rules that go along with washing your face. Some are obvious and second nature, but others aren’t so clear. Read on to discover what ingredients to look for, which ingredients to avoid, and the secrets of how to use a face cleanser in the most effective way.

Do look for an acne cleanser with essential oils.

The most important thing to remember when using an acne cleanser is to keep your skin hydrated. Your sebum gland will over produce oil if you strip your face of its natural moisture, causing build up in your pores and leading to breakouts. A facial cleanser full of nourishing extracts and essential oils will not only cleanse, but also soothe and heal the skin so that it stays balanced and healthy. Need oil is particularly beneficial for all skin types, and works as an antiseptic to keep bacteria from causing acne.

Don’t buy a face cleansers with alcohol or benzene peroxide.

Benzene peroxide is one of the most common ingredients in a mainstream face cleansers you might find at the drugstore. While it does work to fight acne, it leaves the skin on your face dry, red, and irritated. There are natural alternatives that work just as well, and don’t damage your skin. Choose a face cleansers without alcohol in order to avoid unnecessary to the delicate skin on your face.

Do use an acne cleanser each morning and night.

Sounds simple, but sometimes it’s easy to be lazy or forgetful. If you let yourself slip at night and say “I’m too tired, I’ll wash my face in the morning,” you’ll get out of the habit of a healthy skin care routine. It’s important to remove all the dirt, grime, and grease from your face before you sleep on it for several hours. Dead skin cells and oils can build up and cause major breakouts and inflammation. If you take care of your face twice a day, your pores will stay unblocked and your oil glands will produce a healthy amount of oil.

Don’t expect to see results from your acne cleanser if you don’t use it consistently.

Oil production can get thrown out of whack when you don’t stick to your routine. Don’t expect overnight results; it takes time to find a balance and get used to a skin care regimen. Use your acne cleanser at the same times each day, and be patient while your skin heals itself and the natural ingredients promote health skin cells.

Do use an acne cleanser with a natural smell.

Lavender not only has an incredible scent, but it is calming from your skin as well. Stress can lead to break outs, so enjoying your daily skin care routine and relaxing each time you wash your face is beneficial. Eucalyptus, chamomile, and geranium are all extracts that not only help the skin, but also soothe the soul and calm the mind. Chances are, if you love the way your acne cleanser smells, you’ll love using it!

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All Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. According to Dr. Oz, it is estimated that by the time a man is 40, 20% will have suffered from erectile dysfunction. Each year that percentage is increasing. What causes men to suffer with this ailment can vary. The general cause of Erectile Dysfunction can be divided into 2 types:

  • Psychological causes
  • Physical causes

Psychological causes

For some men, Erectile Dysfunction can develop with age and the onset of stress and depression. Emotions can strongly affect sexual performance including being nervous or self conscious about having sex. Having an open communication with your sexual partner can alleviate a lot of the stress and possibly the Erectile Dysfunction itself. In some cases, professional psychological help may need to be sought out in order to get to the root of the problem that is causing the ED. Seeking the help of a sex therapist can also be an effective treatment. With a sex therapist, it is recommended that your sexual partner come along for at least the initial visit, to help discuss any communication problems you may be experiencing.

Physical causes

Some of the most common physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction are high blood pressure, clogged blood vessels, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, low testosterone levels, Peyronie’s disease, the use of tobacco, substance abuse including alcoholism, previous pelvic surgeries and certain prescribed medications. Of course there could be other physical causes of ED not on the list, that your doctor can detect. There are several different treatments for physically caused Erectile Dysfunction, some of which can be extremely costly. The two most popular treatments are surgery and natural supplements.

Surgical treatments

Surgical treatments for Erectile Dysfunction can involve direct injections to the penis, penile prosthesis and vascular surgery. These surgeries can be extremely invasive, costly and even dangerous. The surgical procedures are not guaranteed to cure ED and can leave devastating results. Possible surgical treatment should be thoroughly discussed with your doctor. Because of the risks involved, surgery should always be left as a last resort, only after other options for treatment have been exhausted.

Natural Supplements

Alternative treatments such as, taking natural supplements, has been a popular choice in treating Erectile Dysfuntion. In fact, the use of natural herbs is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Natural herbs and supplements are known for improving and increasing the flow of blood to the penis. Here are some of the most effective natural ingredients used for treating Erectile Dysfunction:

Pomegranate 70% ellagic

Ellagic acid, a phenolic acid is found in berries, pomegranate, grapes, and nuts. Ellagic acid has shown to be a positive attribute in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. It does so by increasing nitric oxide (NO) supply that has a definite role in maintaining the blood flow (and hence erection) of your penis. Studies have also shown that ellagic acid acts as a strong sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac that eventually leads to longer excitement time and greater erection capabilities.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama or potency wood is one of the most active botanical with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver and remedy for impotence & sexual insufficiency. It is known in some circles as “the Viagra of the Amazon”. According to a study published in the American Journal of Natural Medicine, out of 262 men who took Muira Puama, 62% reported an increased sex drive and harder erections.

Epimedium Sagittatum (horny goat weed)

Used by practitioners for over 2,000 years, horny goat weed is a leafy plant which has long been used to restore sexual performance and boost erectile function. It also improves sperm production and has a moderate androgen-like influence on the testes, prostate gland, and anal muscles, thereby influencing sexual desire and activity.

Tongkat Ali (Asian Viagra)

Tongkat Ali is a tree that has been used for many years by men to increase sexual desire, libido, and sexual performance and to treat Erectile Dysfunction. It works by increasing levels of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is primarily responsible for the growth and development of male reproductive organs, including the penis, testicles, scrotum, prostate, and seminal vesicles. It comes in different dosage ratios. For example, 1:20 means 20 grams of root is used to produce 1 gram of extract and is the recommended minimal dose to enhance sexual function and treat male impotency.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

MSM, the beauty mineral, is necessary for collagen synthesis in tissues (including those of penis). Chemically, MSM is an organic form of sulphur, an abundant mineral in the body. Present naturally in meat, milk, fish, vegetables and fruit, it is easily lost in processing. It is, therefore, important to use a natural health supplement that contains sufficient quantities of MSM.

MSM also keeps cells from becoming rigid and rough. MSM is also believed to relieve stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation, candida, detoxify the body and, most importantly, increase blood circulation through the penis that improves overall health look and health of the penis and even beautifies it.


L-Methionine is an essential amino acid (protein) that helps against premature ejaculation. This essential amino acid has some role in the growth and development of normal penis. Essential amino acids are those that must be acquired through diet or supplements because the body cannot produce them. L-methionine is also believed to be essential for heart and brain function. The highest amounts of methionine per 200-calorie serving primarily are found in fish, meat and other animal products, but some vegetables are good sources as well. However, it is difficult to include the “recommended daily dose” of L-methionine by eating all of such food sources on regular basis. Nutritionists, therefore, recommend consuming some good natural supplement on daily basis that contains just the right amount of L-Methionine.


Maca is a root or vegetable that is widely known to act as libido-booster and sex enhancer. Unlike other herbs, it does not directly affect the sex hormones. Instead it has been proposed that it provides optimum levels of nutrients utilized by the body’s endocrine system. In a study that involved 4-month treatment with maca in nine adult men, increased seminal volume, sperm count, and sperm motility were observed.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Smooth and consistent blood supply to the penis is a must for erection, growth and better sex performance. To really get your blood going, natural circulation-enhancing nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids are best. Omega-3 also makes your nervous system function better and as sex is really about circuitry, it also improves your sex life.


Flaxseed, also called linseed, contains a rich supply of lignans in its hull. Lignans are phytoestrogens that are helpful in maintaining a healthy ratio of testosterone. Optimal testosterone levels are crucial to a raised sex drive for both women and men. Besides enhancing sex drive, these nutty-flavored seeds contain essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are the major building blocks of all sex hormones.


Cordyceps sinensis is a type of fungus that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Cordyceps sinensis is a powerful aphrodisiac. Recent studies performed in both China and Japan demonstrated a 64 percent success rate among men suffering from impotence. Scientists have isolated two chemical constituents in cordyceps, (deoxyadenosine) and cordycepic acid (mannitol), which are thought to be the active compounds that increase sex drive.

All of these ingredients are safe and natural alternatives to surgical procedures. The use of natural supplements has proven to be a successful treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. One natural supplement that includes each of these proven ingredients is MaleExtra. Regardless of what treatment plan you choose, there is help for Erectile Dysfunction.

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Hormones and Your Skin

When skin care products fail to clear up your acne problems, it is an indication that they could be a result of hormonal imbalances. Below are some general guidelines on how to tell if your complexion problems are hormonal:

* You experience acne breakouts the week before your period, mostly on the jaw line, chin and neck.

* Irregular periods and / or excess hair on the face or body in addition to acne could signal a hormonal disorder. Consult your doctor.

* Your skin tends to feel much more sensitive during the fourth week of your monthly menstrual cycle.

Keeping skin acne free requires more than just diligent skincare. It is also a matter of timing your skin care according to your monthly hormonal surges. That is because monthly hormone fluctuations stimulate the skin's sebaceous glands to secret oil. The more oil our skin produces, the higher the possibility that acne problems will arise.


Your cycle begins on the first day of your period and can last anywhere from 21 to 40 days. In the first week after your period, your oestrogen level increases, helping to keep skin clear (estrogen is the hormone that helps keep oil glands in check). When ovulation occurs around day 14 of your cycle, progesterone (another hormone) starts to surge and your potential for acne blemishes increases and peaks, just days before your period. That is when you will experience oily skin and acne breakouts.


Week 1 (The cycle begins on the first day of your period)

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Hormone levels are at their monthly low. Skin may appear dull or it could be recovering from premenstrual acne flare-ups.

WHAT YOUR SKIN NEEDS: Regular and gentle care.

* Use mild cleansers that contain soothing ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile or Green Tea. While washing, massage your face gently with the pads of your fingertips.

* Concealers are your skin's best friends this week. Choose an oil-free one that contains Salicylic Acid or Sulfur, which can help to unclog pores.

* Treat skin to a moisturizing or exfoliating mask. Left on for 10 minutes, an exfoliating mask will remove any flakiness on the skin and have skin lightening effects on a dull complexion. The moisturizing element will provide much needed extra skin hydration.

* Treat lingering acne scars and blemishes with acne treatment products that contain Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree Oil.

TIP: Do not skimp on your moisturizer. Hydrate your skin regularly and choose moisturizers that are oil-free or comedogenic.

Week 2 (The week after your period)

WHAT'S HAPPENING: As oestrogen levels are rising, your skin condition is at its peak with a clear and balanced complexion.

WHAT YOUR SKIN NEEDS: Maintenance and prevention

* For most skin types, ranging from normal to combination skin, this is a good time for professional pampering. Since your skin is not overly sensitive, you can get a simple gentle facial done.

* If you have very sensitive skin, do not go for facials as this may have the effects of over-stimulating your sensitive skin and cause further problems. Opt for a simple regimen that consist of a mild cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer and a good acne treatment product (if you still experience acne breakouts during this week).

* Keep using the same mild cleansers you used in Week 1 and make sure that you keep your skin clean and fresh by washing your face twice a day. There is no need to carry out excess cleansing as this may strip your skin of its natural sebum.

* Exfoliate your skin with exfoliating products that contain skin sloughers like Glycolic acid, Lactic acid or Salicylic Acid. However, if your skin is extremely sensitive, you should avoid using such exfoliating products as they may further sensitize your skin.

TIP: Always remove make-up before going to bed. Sleeping with your make-up on can cause pores to clog and trigger acne breakouts.

Week 3 (Ovulation)

WHAT'S HAPPENING: While your oestrogen levels peak, progesterone surges. These hormonal fluctuations cause oily skin flare-ups and acne breakouts.

WHAT YOUR SKIN NEEDS: Acne blemishes battling treatments and moderate exfoliation.

* Keep skin clean and fresh by washing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser, in the morning and in the night. Use an alcohol-free toner to deep-cleanse your pores.

* During other times, cleanse skin by using water only. Water is the natural healer for skin and can calm your skin without stripping your skin of its natural sebum.

* During Week 3 and Week 4, bringing oil-blotting pads with you to mop up excess oil for a matte complexion.

* Pamper your skin with products that prevent acne scars and blemishes. They usually contain Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Chlorhexidine and Tea Tree Oil.

* Use an acne clearing mask this week. For normal skin users, the mask can be used 2 times a week, while sensitive skin users should only use it once a week.

TIP: Resist the urge to squeeze your pimples. Apply a warm washcloth to the pimples for several minutes and follow with an antibacterial Benzoyl-Peroxide or Chlorhexidine product.

Week 4 (The week before your period)

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Your oestrogen plummets while progesterone continues to surge. Your skin is at its oilyest, and painful pimples, bumps or acne cysts flare up.

WHAT YOUR SKIN NEEDS: Tender, loving care.

* Keep skin clean and fresh by washing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser, in the morning and in the night.

* During other times, cleanse skin by using water only. Water is the natural healer for skin and can calm your skin without stripping your skin of its natural sebum.

* Treat your acne scars and blemishes with spot treatments, in the morning and in the night.

* Declog your pores by using an acne mask at least twice this week. Sensitive skin users should only use an acne mask once a week.

* Look for foundations that contain Salicylic Acid, which will help clear pores. Also make sure that your make-up is labeled non-comedogenic so that it would not clog pores.

* Stay away from any sort of skin trauma this week. No waxing, laser treatments, microdermabrasion and facials. You are bound to experience extra discomfort on the acne affected areas if you do.

TIP : If the acne affected areas show no improvement and seem to be getting worse, you should immediately consult a dermatologist who can prescribe topical acne medication or oral antibiotics.

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Sciatic Endometriosis – How To Relieve Endometriosis Sciatic Symptoms

Sciatic endometriosis is usually exceptionally sore, although endometriosis is rarely the underlying cause. What actually happens when it is responsible, is that the uterus lining fixes itself on the sciatic nerve, and when the lining bleeds, it exerts pressure upon the sciatic nerve, resulting in a great deal of pain and discomfort.

As you can imagine, when a person develops the condition, mobility becomes distinctly limited, sometimes affecting both legs. To compound the problem, during normal menstruation, the pain can get progressively worse. The extent of this pain provides a good indication of the severity of sciatic endometriosis that the patient is experiencing.

There are many symptoms of sciatic endometriosis, some of which are listed here:

· Pelvic pain

· Bladder tenderness

· Lower back pain

· Irregular periods

· Severe menstrual cramps

· Diarrhoea, bloating and nausea

· Dyspareunia

· Extreme tiredness

· Anxiety and depression

When faced with the endometriosis sciatic pain, pain relieving medications are usually the initial method of treatment. Very mild to moderate pain can be effectively treated by these anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen. For more severe pain, stronger medication may be prescribed, but in both instances, the relief may be short-lived.

The back pain that occurs due to sciatic endometriosis, cannot be absolutely remedied with pain relief medication, and additionally, as it is a pain of a recurring character, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner as the next step to a more lasting solution.

Once a doctor becomes involved, treatment such as prescribing birth control pills can be an option. These work by regulating the levels of estrogen, and prevent the formation of endometrial tissue, which in turn stops sciatic endometriosis and the associated pain. This solution can provide the added bonus to some women of contraception. Women may also be offered other options to regulate hormones, or maybe even surgery to eliminate endometrial tissue and adhesions, making sure that the expert advice and treatment is provided by a qualified surgeon.

Other recognized endometriosis sciatic treatment options are acupuncture and yoga. The aim of acupuncture is to rid the system of blockages and rebalance the body. In this option, the sufferer has a plan, individually tailored to their own needs. Yoga is a familiar technique, renowned to relieve much suffering, with the added advantage of being able to practice at home. For women sufferers, any positions that involve stomach muscles should be totally avoided.

Sciatic endometriosis is a severely debilitating condition, greatly affecting quality of life. As with most conditions, if you do experience any of the symptoms mentioned, a visit to your doctor should be the first stop to easing your sciatic endometriosis.

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Itchy Scalp Infections – Get Rid of Your Extreme Scalp Itchiness With the Correct Scalp Remedies

A relentlessly itchy and bleeding scalp is an infection that is exotic and wild enough to drive anyone suffering from it to the brink of suicide. If you’re experiencing this hell of a condition, and no doctor or dermatologist has been able to cure you, this article is your savior. You are not alone!!! I went through the hell you’re going through and I’ve found the cure.

Rather than write a lengthy article that might confuse or exacerbate the patience of those of you that are already suffering from this ailment, I’ll list below a few definitions that will provide you with a MAP of where you need to go to GET the REMEDY YOU NEED!

Itchy scalp causes and treatments – The causes of a relentless itchy bleeding scalp are due to Scalp infections brought about by contamination with an infected person or by not taking care of your hair/scalp. It can also be brought about by accidental damage to the scalp through the use of different kinds of harsh hair products. Second, your itchy scalp can be caused by hormonal imbalances resulting from a combination of stress and/or diet.

Itchy scalp hair loss – People who suffer from an extremely itchy bleeding scalp that results in hair loss are people who have been battling the disease for quite some time. The longer you’ve had to deal with constant itchiness of the scalp, the more likely your hair is to fall out because when your scalp itches, you can’t help but to scratch it. And when you scratch an already vulnerable dry itchy bleeding scalp, you’ll scrape your scalp and cause more damage to it thereby making the condition more severe.

Itchy bleeding scalp causes – An Itchy bleeding scalp is usually caused by Scalp infections or hormonal imbalances brought about by a combination of stress and diet. It can also be caused by the continued usage of different kinds of hair/scalp products. If you’re suffering from an itchy bleeding scalp, I highly RECOMMEND you STOP hopping from one shampoo to the next and just stick to ONE.

Itchy scalp treatment – There are lots of treatment out there that are available for an itchy scalp. But depending on the severity of your particular scalp infection, shampoos will MOST LIKELY not help you. I use to suffer from a severe case of an itchy scalp and no matter what shampoos I used, the condition was never cured. I visited doctors and dermatologist multiple times but they couldn’t find me a remedy. Living with a disease that doctors can not cure is a very scary way to live, but eventually I found it. It was after three years of suffering from this disease that I found the only remedy that is reliable.

Itchy scalp remedies – The only reliable cure out there for an itchy scalp is Antibiotics. Not just any antibiotics. You need a specific kind. See below for more information.

Itchy scalp remedy – Itchy scalp bumps can only be PERMANENTLY cured by using the correct Antibiotics, Homeopathic Medicine, and a Therapeutic Shampoo. The shampoo and the therapeutic medicine are always going to be useless unless you use them with the Antibiotics.

Itchy scalp shampoo – If you can cure and put an end to your itchy bleeding scalp with a regular shampoo, then your condition isn’t severe. If however you have used different kinds of shampoos (at least 2 different ones), and have yet to find a cure or feel a long-lasting relief on your scalp, then you have a severe scalp problem. And you need the remedy described in the previous paragraph (the correct Antibiotics, Homeopathic medicine and a Therapeutic Shampoo).

Itchy scalp dandruff – If you’re worried about getting rid of your dandruff problem for good, this is one of the easiest scalp problems to fix. All you need is the proper Anti-Dandruff shampoo (and yes, I am aware that there is a lot of them out there).

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