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Door Gym Secrets – How to Use Door Gyms to Build a World Class Physique

There are hundreds of door gym workout routines. It’s a small versatile piece of hardware everyone should count among their home gym equipment. It’s important you use it in order to build a balanced upper body.

Here are my top 3 door gym exercises:

The power pull-up – This is an advanced variation. It’s the classical version with a twist: here the workout is performed using an extra weight placed between your legs. The power pull-up allows you to build muscles much faster than the traditional form.

The one-hand workout – all remains the same except that the pull-up routine is performed using one arm at a time. If you are not comfortable at the beginning, cheat a little: support yourself (by holding your wrist with the other hand).

The endurance suspension is also a great routine for muscle endurance. The idea here is to remain suspended on the bar for as long as possible. You will notice that your maximum time when you do this for the first time will be at about 60 seconds. I strongly recommend that you regularly try to increase that time. There is nothing more boring in body building as “plateau-ing”.

Even the way you place your two hands on the bar can be changed: try to put them with your palms facing towards your face, with your arms stretched far apart or close together etc.

A lot of people have complained that installing a door gym has damaged their wall. I think this has more to do with the skill than the quality of the equipment. If you are not totally sure of your DIY skills, I suggest you call someone!

I’ve just given here a few door gym exercises. There are hundreds more, which you can explore and you go along.

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