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How Do I Find The Right Yoga Instructor? 5 Top Points To Consider When Looking

I have friends and colleagues who used to ask me all the time "How do I find a good yoga instructor?" Unfortunately there is no simple method. Every yoga teacher and school is different and is not suitable for everyone. You need to find an instructor or school who fits your own personality and can help you reach your goals.

You need to start your search by finding out if your potential yoga teacher is certified. There is not a single governing body out there that certifies yoga instructors which means that you could go on a two week training course and get yourself a yoga training certificate. So use some common sense when looking around at least if they are certified it shows a desire to learn yoga and teach others.

The best method is judge for yourself, and then try out some different classes from teachers whose style appeals to you. Here are the five musts to consider;

  1. Do you feel safe in the class? A good yoga tutor is always mindful of their students experience level and will not ask their students to perform exercises beyond their reach.
  2. Did the teacher offer modifications? In other words a good tutor will often offer simplified or broken down methods of routines. This is a good way for the teacher to build up the early beginner to a more advanced stage of a certain routine. This enables the teacher to give tuition to more advanced students and beginners simultaniously.
  3. Did the teacher give lessons without directing the learning to a specific person? A good teacher will make all their students feel at home. Except in praise, singling out someone is rather inconsiderate, it will make the student feel embarrassed and will knock their confidence to do the routines and their ability to master yoga.
  4. Did the teacher ask if they had new students today in class? A good teacher will wish to know about their students so they can tailor training accordingly. This shows that the teacher is willing to help the student from the bottom up.
  5. Did the teacher have eyes in the back of their head? A good experienced tutor will know if someone is slacking or not putting the effort in either they are at the back of the room or the front and if there are five students or fifty.

If you have friends that do yoga ask them. Everyone is different some people love intense hard workouts with someone pushing them and some prefer the opposite. Just be sure to trust your instincts when choosing the Yoga teacher for you.

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