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How To Get Big Arms – 3 Super-Size Tips For Bigger Guns

Ask most guys what their muscle building goals are and more than likely a large number will tell you they are aiming to get bigger arms. Big arms have always and will always be a firm testament to strength and power, and nothing is more impressive than a set of bulging biceps that look ready to burst out of your shirt sleeves.

However, the key to discovering how to get big arms is in understanding that the training method is as important as what exercises you actually perform.

Of course it shouldn’t need to be said that proper diet and nutrition are essential to see sustained and fast muscle growth in your arms, as in the rest of your body, however in this article I’m going to show you 3 workout tips that you should follow if you’re trying to get big arm muscles.

Heavy Weight Sets

The secret to bigger muscle growth is in lifting heavy…however, performing heavy sets at the beginning of your workout can really help to speed things up and get your arms bigger in less time.

Most folks will spend a long time doing high rep numbers on various exercises at the beginning of the workout and leave the heavy lifting until the end.

The problem with this approach is you spend too much time and energy “warming up” that by the time you get to the good stuff (heavy lifting) you’ve not got the juice left to push your muscles to the next level. Lots of reps may give you a great feeling of “being pumped”, but it is not doing much to help you get bigger guns.

Warm up well at the start of your workout with stretching, jogging and push ups, but get into the meat of the workout as soon as possible if you want to get big arms.


Typically for fast muscle growth you’ll want to stick to compound multi-joint movements for optimum gains in strength and muscle mass.

However, in order to get big arms it is definitely worth adding some “supersets” of isolation exercises after the heavy lifting.

Supersets are basically two sets of exercises performed one after the other with no rest in between. Typically, in the case of building bigger arm muscles, you should perform a bicep exercise followed by a tricep exercise to maximize the whole development of the arm.

Supersets will increase your arm strength and muscular endurance as well as giving you that great “muscle pump” feeling.

Train 3 Times Per Week

The secret to long-term muscle gain is consistent training. However, many folks make the mistake of performing split workouts where each day is devoted to a different body part. In the end they end up spending around 6 days per week down the gym.

This is not my favoured approach for two reasons:

  • Each body part tends to only get worked out intensely once per week

  • Certain muscle groups are being over-trained

If you’re looking at how to get big arms, then you should look to work them out 3 times per week, making sure you get at least one full day’s rest in between each session.

This training frequency will allow the maximum intensity and effort applied to the muscles while permitting the necessary rest and recovery time for growth.

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