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Menopause – 5 Tips to Overcome Post Menopause Problems

Menopause and aging in general are associated with some emotional torments; depression, irritability, suspicion, insomnia etc. These emotional elements have wrecked havoc in most advanced marriages. Some people wonder why marriage of over twenty years with children could suddenly breakdown. Therefore, to every woman, post menopausal years particularly the first five years must be jealously and wisely guarded.

Do not forget that it is in this particular time that most men of the old used to take up new wives as the culture then permits. Therefore, during your menopausal and post menopausal period, you must vow to secure your marriage, not through fighting but through knowledge and wise counseling. It is expected that when a woman is not capable or willing to give what a man expects from her, there may be possibility of misunderstanding. This kind of misunderstanding abounds in most marriages particularly at a time the woman starts getting dry and aging.

Therefore, to have a stress-free menopausal period, you must be ready to cushion, conquer and overcome the associated challenges in your marriage. You can achieve these successfully with the aid of the following key points and tips:

Overcome Post Menopause Problems 1: Look Good For Life Is Good

One way to deal with menopause problems is by looking good. It would be most unfortunate for you to leave yourself unkempt and dirty simply because you feel you have given the man children. If you feel so, you may get more than you ever bargain. Menopausal and post menopausal periods are very crucial and sensitive. It is the time to look good. That you are advancing in age does not mean your beauty has tarnished. No! You must be clean, make up and remain on. Your breast must be seen standing, even if it is standing with the help of foam or iron brassier. Pay attention to your looks. Don’t forget that it is your beauty not necessarily character that attracted your husband to you for the first time. Menopause is truly a challenging moment for every woman but you can make good the time by putting more beauty on yourself.

Overcome Post Menopause Problems 2: Sacrificial Love and Good Character

Sacrificial love is the kind of love that lives for the sake of others. Without mincing words, post menopausal period may demand more than you can freely give or accept but for the sake of peace, you may need to go extra miles. Against your sexual convenience, if your husband is in need of you, give yourself cheerfully without making it a subject of strong contention. However, where need be, make your husband understand your feelings through reasoning together with him but never make him a victim of circumstances. Otherwise, you may end up making him a ‘sugar daddy’.

Overcome Post Menopause Problems 3: Avoid Suspicion

Post Menopause problems will be reduced to the minimum if you can keep away from suspecting your partner. It is very characteristic of humans to analyze situations and make conclusions. Suspicion has shown to be the root cause of marriage disaster in most countries. As a man comes back from work, the wife would be searching the pockets of his wears with intent of finding lip stick or another woman’s left over to confirm her suspicion. Some smell their husband’s wears in view of perceiving a strange perfume or odor, which of course must be from another woman. Some women go further to send spies after their husbands with hope of catching them in the ‘very act’. Friend, always know that your assumptions or conclusion could be dead wrong. Your own heart can deceive you. As a matter of fact, you may never find peace in your marriage if you toll the path of suspicion. The irony of it is that which ever fault you seek in a man, you are most likely to find it because man is n imperfect character; perhaps, the very reason for seeking ‘help mate’.

Overcome Post Menopause Problems 4: Don’t Listen to Peer’s Advice

Most victims of marriage disaster don’t usually initiate the counter productive actions themselves. Rather they acted based o what they were advised by a friend or a group of friends. It is important for you to know that during the period of menopause and thereafter, there are variable changes that occur in the male counterpart generally. At such time, some men may be almost impotent and thus have little or no affection for sexual activity, while others may be battling with one form of sickness or the other. If you abide by this rule, you’ll sure overcome your post menopause problems.

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