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Realistic Holiday Fitness – Six Quick Tips to Keep Fit

Everyone worries about fitness during the holiday season. The first thing that happens is that you find yourself partying more often. That really throws you off your normal eating habits. You end up eating more and consuming more calories. It is usually not fruits and veggies that you are consuming!

The second thing about this season is that schedules are always different for everyone. Workplaces have a reduced staff owing to holiday travel. Depending on the business, it might be quieter as deadlines are shoved away into January to permit a full quorum of workplace staff to complete assignment.

The third aspect to consider around the holidays is that family members are also on holiday schedule. Children are now at home looking for activities. Spouses might have more free time away from their workplace as well. They may request a shopping trip or time together to take care of holiday activities.

So how do you keep fitness in your life and stop worrying about being out of shape by January?

The first thing to do is to stop worrying and enjoy the down time. Worrying will actually increase your stress level. That is not something you need at this time. Instead, choose to relax and take it in stride. The holidays only last a couple of weeks. You might be a few pounds more than usual. However, you can do something about it come January.

In January, you can hire a personal trainer to get you back on keel. Book a few sessions to streamline your efforts back to fitness. That will be all you will probably need. A personal trainer’s job is to make sure your strategy is targeted and efficient. This way, you won’t be guessing your way back to health. You will waste less time with a trainer in the loop.

Find a trainer that doesn’t have a cookie cutter program. Make sure the trainer is interested in “personal” training and takes the individual’s interest and inclinations into account when writing up the program.

Mobile personal training is the current wave. Why not give it a try? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and go to a gym. Instead the trainer comes to you. The motivation of having a trainer come to you is incredible. You will have no more excuses. You will become fit. There is no “if I have the time” in the loop to consider.

Relax during the holidays. If you do find some time before everyone else gets up, put in some time doing the following short exercises:

1. Jump rope for as long as you can. You can easily carry a jump rope with you, even if you travel far for the holidays. Make sure you have a soft surface to jump on such as carpet. Wear athletic shoes to avoid knee impact. Stop and start as much as you want. Make it last 10 minutes. This is a great cardio workout that you can easily do anywhere.

2. Do about 15 to 20 push ups. Take a 30 second break. Do 15 to 20 more.

3. Do about 200 crunches.

4. Include as much vegetables and fruits as you can along with all the holiday eating. Apples are great as snacks.

5. Try to get some fresh air. Being indoors on holidays for the whole stretch deprives your body of much needed oxygen and can lead to crankiness!

6. Enjoy your holidays. Don’t get worked up about being away from your fitness routine. Remember holidays only come once a year and you should enjoy them!

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