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Sciatic Endometriosis – How To Relieve Endometriosis Sciatic Symptoms

Sciatic endometriosis is usually exceptionally sore, although endometriosis is rarely the underlying cause. What actually happens when it is responsible, is that the uterus lining fixes itself on the sciatic nerve, and when the lining bleeds, it exerts pressure upon the sciatic nerve, resulting in a great deal of pain and discomfort.

As you can imagine, when a person develops the condition, mobility becomes distinctly limited, sometimes affecting both legs. To compound the problem, during normal menstruation, the pain can get progressively worse. The extent of this pain provides a good indication of the severity of sciatic endometriosis that the patient is experiencing.

There are many symptoms of sciatic endometriosis, some of which are listed here:

· Pelvic pain

· Bladder tenderness

· Lower back pain

· Irregular periods

· Severe menstrual cramps

· Diarrhoea, bloating and nausea

· Dyspareunia

· Extreme tiredness

· Anxiety and depression

When faced with the endometriosis sciatic pain, pain relieving medications are usually the initial method of treatment. Very mild to moderate pain can be effectively treated by these anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen. For more severe pain, stronger medication may be prescribed, but in both instances, the relief may be short-lived.

The back pain that occurs due to sciatic endometriosis, cannot be absolutely remedied with pain relief medication, and additionally, as it is a pain of a recurring character, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner as the next step to a more lasting solution.

Once a doctor becomes involved, treatment such as prescribing birth control pills can be an option. These work by regulating the levels of estrogen, and prevent the formation of endometrial tissue, which in turn stops sciatic endometriosis and the associated pain. This solution can provide the added bonus to some women of contraception. Women may also be offered other options to regulate hormones, or maybe even surgery to eliminate endometrial tissue and adhesions, making sure that the expert advice and treatment is provided by a qualified surgeon.

Other recognized endometriosis sciatic treatment options are acupuncture and yoga. The aim of acupuncture is to rid the system of blockages and rebalance the body. In this option, the sufferer has a plan, individually tailored to their own needs. Yoga is a familiar technique, renowned to relieve much suffering, with the added advantage of being able to practice at home. For women sufferers, any positions that involve stomach muscles should be totally avoided.

Sciatic endometriosis is a severely debilitating condition, greatly affecting quality of life. As with most conditions, if you do experience any of the symptoms mentioned, a visit to your doctor should be the first stop to easing your sciatic endometriosis.

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