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Tips on What is Body Language Attraction to the Opposite Sex

Did you know that there are noticeable differences between what is attractive to each of the sexes. Generally women are more attracted to men who are assertive, independent and powerful. On the contrary, most men will very often place physical attractiveness as their main priority instead of characteristics.

Is it also a fact that people will often judge a book by its cover by assuming that an attractive person is also happy, outgoing, warm, kind, sensitive, intelligent and talented, has successful relationships and also a higher status than ourselves. But in reality, they actually may not possess these qualities and advantages.

What actually does men find attractive in women?
The general indication of what most males will find compelling in their ideal woman would be the qualities of a beauty contingent from the Miss Universe pageant. A description of a female that is 21 to 23 year old, 5 feet 8 inches or taller, and measuring at 35-24-35.

While it is highly appealing to others with one having a visually attractive exterior, but it does not in any way display sex appeal by itself.

Attracted to the female gender signals
Gender signals are known as the physical differences between men and women. Basically a woman's gender signals are naturally concerned with displaying her abilities for child-bearing and the protection of her children.

Facially, women normally possess softer skin, fuller lips, thinner eyebrows and also the absence of facial hair. Compared to a man, a woman's waist is narrower, her pelvis is a leader, and her legs are much more slender. Her breasts, hips, bottom and thighs are also more rounded and fuller due to the larger amount of subcutaneous fat.

Are you a breast, bottom or leg guy?
While slimness is continuously being promoted as attractive and beautiful in today's fashion dominated society, surprisingly most men still prefer women with voluptuous curves.

It has been said that a man's character can be revealed by his preferences in a woman's breast, bottom, or leg. For instance, men that are aroused by the sight of large breasts are considered to be sporty extroverts, while those who take a liking to smaller bosoms are known to be intellectual introverts. At the same time, men who prefer women's bottoms over a pair of slender shapely legs are likely to be more matured.

What actually does women find attractive in men?
Most women do actually prefer a man with a flat stomach, firm buttocks, slim build and about five to six inches taller than themselves. Although physical characteristics might improve a man's chances of successfully courting a woman, they do not exactly exhibit by themselves the character qualities that women actually desire.

A recent research shows that looks are far less important to women than they are to men. It was found that women are much more attracted to men who possess attributes such as faithfulness, personality, assertiveness and competency.

For most women, power and money are far greater aphrodisiacs than just broad shoulders and lots of muscle. Women are naturally much more particular about choosing a mate than men. One eloquent explanation is that once a woman is pregnant with a man's child, she is then committed to nine months and many more years of involvement with her child after that. Even women who have no intention of bearing a child or unable to are inadvertently considering these facts when choosing a man.

It is already a proven fact that just a few years of feminist thinking will certainly not be able to remove a practice from the thousands of years of evolvement. A woman's take on sex and sexual arousal is bound to be distinguished in nature just as long as the biological differences between males and females are going to exist.

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