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Total Gym Workouts – A 4 Phase Workout To Build You Up Fast

Total gym workouts are exactly what you need if you are looking to build your whole body and get yourself in shape as a whole. Too many people focus on just one area of their body, but if you’d like to get into shape all over, check out this total gym workout.

Phase 1

The first part of any total gym workout should be some cardio work. You want to get the blood pumping and get yourself all stretched and warm and ready to lift hard. Not only will it warm you up, but it will help you minimize your bodyfat. Most people run on a treadmill, but if you’re real hardcore you may want to try skipping. It’s a real killer!

Phase 2

You’ll find that many total gym workouts start with your arms or legs, but this is a mistake. They should be last, because if you tire them out right at the start, A, your arms won’t be able to pull their weight during other exercises, and B, your legs still have to carry you around the gym for the remaining workout time. Instead go for your chest and your back first.. Get some dumbell bench presses going for your chest, and also if you can use a pec deck, go for it. Your back can be a little harder to work, but get into some lat pull downs and some deadlifts and you’ll be seeing gains in no time.

Phase 3

OK now it’s time for arms. This is the favorite part of many people’s total gym workout, as the arms are where most people notice their gains the most. It’s important not to forget there are 3 sets of muscles in the arm, so you want to get some dumbell curls going to build the biceps, some triceps pulldowns for the triceps (tough!), and both forearms curls and reverse forearm curls for your forearms. Now you are glad you didn’t do this to start!

Phase 4

Now comes the legs. During most total gym workouts, unless people are looking to compete, the legs are mostly neglected. Thankfully though, they have to carry you around all day and so respond quite well to any stimulation.. You can do some squats to build your thighs, and you’ll find some single footed heel raises will build your calves like you wouldn’t believe. Lastly, it’s your hamstrings, and they’ll build naturally from all the running, but you can also do some basic leg curls to really get them pumping.

Now you’ve seen that total workouts don’t have to be hugely time consuming or complicated. Click the links before for some great advice on your workouts.

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