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Treating Migraines With Natural Remedies

Migraines are a common kind of pain that arises in one side of the head. It affects anybody irrespective of age, gender and profession. Therefore, one has to be very careful with migraines. Many people take medications in the form of antibiotics for temporary relief for the pain. However, it is not advisable to take these medicines as they have a lot of side effects.

Migraine remedies are either natural or artificial. Artificial remedies should be avoided at any cost because they are very harmful for health. Natural migraine remedies are the best solution in times of excruciating headaches. We have many natural means of pain relief. Some of them are explained below:

Drinking lots of water – Migraines happen when the body is stressed. Stress, sometimes, is a result of dehydration of the human body. Drinking lots of water can help cure migraines to a great extent, because it cleanses the whole nervous system in the human body

Smelling lemon – Lemon smell is another important migraine remedy that is important to cure headaches. The moment one gets an excruciating pain through migraine, if one immediately smells lemon or peppermint, then the headache reduces. This is because our nervous system is responsive to good aroma and it acts immediately in pain reduction.

Cold, hot or aromatic oils – These are other migraine remedies. A towel should be dipped in warm water and it should be kept on the forehead for sometime. The heat is transferred from the towel to the nerves and the pain reduces due to the healing effect of heat. Similarly an ice pack also helps cure headache to a large extent. Lavender oil, if applied in the area of pain reduces the pain to a large extent largely due to the aromatic properties of lavender and partly because of the soothing effect of the oil.

Having coffee – Coffee is high in caffeine content, hence it gives a huge relief if one has coffee during migraine pains. However results are obvious only with hot coffee and not with cold coffee. The original medicinal properties of caffeine combined with the soothing effect of warmth of the coffee works wonders on the nervous systems and instantly relieves the pain.

Walking or jogging – Taking a brisk walk and getting in the fresh air into the human body gives instant relief for migraines. The pain is mostly caused by improper blood circulation in the nerves of the head. Walking briskly regulates blood circulation in the body and provides positive signals to the brain. As a result of this, the tension on the nerves is reduced and the pain relaxes automatically.

Natural migraine remedies are hugely beneficial because, they have no side effects on the human body. Secondly they provide permanent relief from migraine pains unlike antibiotics. Also, these natural remedies are in vogue for a long time now and there are many success stories on the Internet of people who used these natural remedies and got cured permanently.

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