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What Causes Your Hairline (Edges) To Become Thin?

If you’re like me, I’ve dealt with a thin hairline for most of my life. I believe some of it is hereditary and some is because of unhealthy hair care practices. My edges took a turn for the worse when I got micro-braids in my hair. They were braided so tight, that they literally pulled a good portion of the hair out. That was eight years ago and I haven’t had braid since then. When I began my journey towards healthy hair, this was one of the areas in which I wanted to see improvement. Through some research and talking to others with the same issue, I found the following tips to be helpful in re-growing my hairline and thickening it up a bit.

First thing is to stop any practices that contribute to adding stress to your edges. This may include wearing braids and pony tails that are too tight, wearing cotton hair bands, applying gels, constant brushing, frequent touch-ups, etc.

Castor Oil – applying this oil on a regular basis helps to stimulate the hair follicles

Scalp Massages – another practice that aid in stimulating the hair follicles and blood circulation in the scalp. My suggestion would be to massage your edges every other day with castor oil and other essential oils. Moisturize – apply a moisturizer to your edges every night after your scalp massage. My suggestion would be a homemade moisturizing sprits consisting of water and castor oil.

Be Consistent – success does not happen overnight and hair growth certainly doesn’t either. It is imperative to be consistent with the above practices and remember that it takes time. Determine how often and for how long you will apply these practices and then stick to it. You will see the results of your labor in due time and will be rewarded with a thicker hairline.

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