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White Warts on Skin – Can You Kill These Warts?

There are literally hundreds of different versions of the wart virus. The strain that causes white warts to appear on the skin is just one of these many types. On the other hand, a lot of warts are flesh-colored or tanned, but they all have a bumpy surface. Skin blemishes that are light in color are the easiest for others to notice because they contrast the rest of the skin around them. Just imagine how differently you and feel once you can rid your hands of those tiny white warts that are extremely noticeable. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to get rid of those nasty warts plus an explanation as to why they are white in the first place.

Why some of them whitish in color:

Some are white in color on the surface because these warts are drier than the rest of the skin that is around the warts. Some experts claim that these warts are more contagious since the skin is more brittle, which means the virus can be easily transferred to someone else through the use of the seeds that are contained within a wart.

Great way of getting rid of your light-colored warts:

The first step is to soak your wart in a dish of water until the surface of it becomes spongy. Now using a nail file, file off the top layer of the wart.

Now place a piece of duct tape that is large enough to cover the surface of the wart onto the wart. You must leave this piece of tape on your wart for at least 3 to 4 days. Now pull off the duct tape. The top of the wart should still be connected to the tape. You may have to perform this procedure numerous times before the wart will have totally disappeared.

I like this method because it also is a way of preventing the wart from spreading since it’s covered with a piece of tape.

Don’t worry if your wart seems to become an even paler color when using this method:

As your wart softens, it may become even lighter than it was before. You shouldn’t worry about if this. It is just a sign that your wart is weakening its hold on your skin.

Good luck with your attempt to get rid of your light-colored warts that are on your hands or perhaps on another party of your body. If you’re patient with using the above home remedy, not only will you save money in the long run, but you will know how to deal with a wart once it starts to develop before it’s able to grow into a larger wart.

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