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Yoga and Body Mechanics

The wisdom that has been passed down from the ages is compiled in ancient texts the philosophy of which is called yoga. Perfect yoga is the attainment of detachment through the balance between mind body and spirit. The practice of yoga is the practice of observing the discipline of control of the body and the breath and overcoming the chatter of the mind.

Through this discipline the doorway to Oneness opens and the Divine become all encompassing. It is from this place that the body must be mastered through the conscious mastery of breath and movement. What the Divine knew in the beginning is that water was so very important to life that it was one of the first things created.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters" ….. Genesis 1: versions 1 2

For the yoga aspirant, who is on the path towards perfect yoga, there are certain things that become the tools towards that mastery. One of those tools is the practice of asanas. For everyone who practices yoga one of the basic foundations is to find and maintain a comfortable enough padmasana or lotus pose for meditation. The purpose of this asana is to provide a firm foundation for long periods of sitting along with an uplifting energy that makes the long periods of sitting seem effortless. To do that there must be a few key components of anatomy that blend together to allow the crossing of the legs, the sit bones and the spine to come together in a harmonious way. After all, it is difficult to quiet the mind when the body is screaming.

Yoga primarily developed in India where the people naturally sit in lotus, cross-legged or even squat. They have the anatomical structure and the historical ability to do it naturally. Not everyone in the west does. Since the practice of yoga asserts you can sit in padmasana, there is a certain preparation that those in the west may have to engage in the beginning. Culturally, we are not accustomed to sitting on the floor. So there are homework poses that help prepare the body anatomically for padmasana, notably virasana and baddha konsana. Practicing them in the evenings along with some slow squats and leg exercises will help prepare you.

Along with the muscle work to improve your body mechanics and posture, there is the breathing. Breath control is one of the most important aspects of yoga. It is the deep controlled breath that helps flush the lactic acid from the system that start to build when a muscle is out of rest. In order to flush those metabolic toxins from your body, your body also needs adequate water.

As a regular practitioner of yoga, you will build lactic acid in your system that could become quite uncomfortable and force you to discontinue the asanas until you are more comfortable. To avoid this you could add an antioxidant, alkaline water to your lifestyle that will neutralize those acids as you practice. If you consume a water like Cerra Water, before, during and after your practice in addition to through the day and evening, you will recover faster, your joints will be more flexible and you will be able to flow into an asana and stay there quite comfortably longer than you could before. By adding Cerra Water to your regimen you will be practicing what God knew right from the beginning.

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