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Yoga Ball Exercise – The Best Workout Ball Ab Exercise

The yoga ball is a great way to maximize your home workout. They are not expensive by any means, and can be used a variety of different ways to target almost any area of the body. If you have one lying around the house go grab it after learning these simple exercises to get better results.

1.) The Abdominal roll:

To do the ab roll, kneel and lean your forearms onto the ball. Inhale to firm your stomach and then roll the ball away from you as far as you are comfortable with. Maintain ball contact with the entire surface of your forearms.

2.) Ball Balance

For this position, you must lie on top of the ball so it is directly under your waist. Maintain balance by keeping your hands on the floor, now lift your legs off the ground. When done right you should be relatively straight. If you can, try to hold it for thirty seconds. For a variation of this try only balancing with one hand, then switch to the other.

3.) Back Extension

This position begins very similar to the ball balance position. However, this move requires you to balance with your feet instead of your arms. For this pose, hold your arms out like an airplane then gently try to bend your torso. If done correctly, it should look like you are trying to touch the ground with your nose.

Half the workout benefit you get from a yoga ball is from resistance. The other half comes from the ball challenging you to balance. However, if you are a beginner using a yoga ball and are experiencing some trouble, then try balancing yourself next to a wall or some other stable object. To get a full workout, do two or three sets of each position for about twelve reps as time goes by, you can increase your sets and repetitions as you get stronger.

Hopefully, this article has enlightened you to include yoga as part of your daily routine.

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